Almond madness. How does almond oil work on hair?

It is obtained mostly in France, Spain and California. We differentiate sweet and bitter variation of almond oil, where the difference between them is in content of toxic compounds. Sweet almond oil has only trace amounts of these, so is much more frequently used in cosmetology. Meet the properties of almond oil and fall in love with it.

almond-oil.jpgOne seed of sweet almond oil contains 55% of fat. Simply put, it means that on average half of almond is made of oil. It just must be extracted. It is usually made in the process of cold pressing of seeds of almond tree. This way obtained oil has much larger nourishing value. It does not lose precious ingredients, which can be destroyed by the temperature. What substances are we taking about?

Almond oil contains:

1. Fatty acids:

  • oleic (omega-9),
  • linoleic (omega-6),
  • trace amounts of saturated fatty acids.

2. Other nourishing substances:

  • vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, B6,
  • carbs,
  • protein,
  • fibre,
  • mineral substances.

What is the impact of almond oil on hair?

Sweet almond oil is a precious substance used in production of skin and hair care cosmetics. This is thick, yellowish oil with quite pleasing almond scent. Unfortunately, it is one of less stable oils. Almond oil reacts badly to high temperature, which deprives it of all nourishing values. Used in the room temperature can significantly improve hair condition, because:

  • it strengthens lipid barrier of the scalp,
  • it supports cellular structure of hair,
  • it conditions hair: smoothers, provides gloss and elasticity,
  • it nourishes, moisturises, complements deficits,
  • it protects against UV radiation.

Almond oil can be used as an equivalent of hair conditioners and concentrated serum. There are no strict rules concerning its use. Therefore, almond oil can be applied both on scalp and hair; on damp and dry hair; prior to hair wash and for the stylisation. Almond oil is the perfect solution for hair with medium porosity. There are no limitation concerning its use whatsoever.