Sweet almond oil - rescue to the dry hair

Sweet almond oil is a popular product used for both hair and skin care. What's characteristic about it is that its very delicate and absorbs great in hair and deep skin structures. It has moisturising properties and can be easily used for hydration and regeneration of weak and dry nail plate. Almond oil can be used for hair oiling if hair start to fall out, lose their gloss and become overly dry.

Almond oil contains number of nourishing substances, like: protein, mineral salts, vitamins A, D, E and B group. Thanks to it, hair are delivered with all the essential for growth and health elements. Almond oil contains high concentration of oleic acid in omega-9 group. For this reason it perfectly nourishes and regenerates medium porosity hair and create protective layer protecting hair against damages and unfavourable atmospheric factors. Vitamins in sweet almond oil nourish hair and scalp. Thanks to them hair stop falling out and gain gloss and elasticity. Proteins in the oil make hair more difficult to damage, do not weight down and complement deficits in hair structure. It is worth mentioning that proteins are no other than simple proteins, which are build of amino acids, while these are lumber of our hair. This makes proteins in almond oil able to penetrate damaged hair structure and fill in the deficits.

Almond oil not only protects hair against pollution and all damages caused by mechanical factors or by us (hot air stream, straightener, pulling, backcomb, strong stylisation cosmetics), but also regenerate and fill deficits. What is more, if your hair ends tend to split - regular use of almond oil will protect this sensitive part of hair.

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