Nanoil Almond Oil. The finest skin and hair care

Incredibly delicate and truly effective – who once gives it a try, they will always want to have almond oil in the bathroom. This is a cosmetic easily handling a few tasks at once and is surprisingly universal. Some people tend to call it a ‘family oil’ because it can be both applied to delicate baby’s skin as well as help take care of male beard. Which almond oil is the best one? Well, beautifying treatments that involve the use of almond oil make sense only if the oil applied is cold-pressed and unrefined. Choose Nanoil Almond Oil – a cosmetic of the highest quality that allows you to get the maximum benefits.

Nanoil sweet almond oil

Almond phenomenon by Nanoil – What’s the secret of good oil?

Only unrefined almond oil preserves all its valuable substances that would be lost due to the oil extraction process. Nanoil Almond Oil is cold-pressed and, obviously, isn’t exposed to the refining. It’s an entirely organic product that preserves its phospholipids and lecithin as well as precious fatty acids. Moreover, unrefined almond oil is free from harmful trans fats, silicones, parabens, PEGs and fragrances. It’s quality is proven by Ecocert label. This is the finest form of hair and body care which is owed to gentle natural cosmetic of the highest quality.

Almond oil – What does it have?

  • omega-9 fatty acid (up to 55%) – perfect treatment for medium porosity hair; offers skin antioxidation
  • omega-6 and omega-3 (together up to 40%) – the ideal type of care for high porosity hair; offers skin protection
  • proteins (including amino acids) – preserve youthful look and maintain good condition of hair; they are natural constituents of skin (mainly collagen, elastin and keratin)
  • phospholipids – constituents of cell membrane and skin; they play an important role by transporting active substances of almond oil deep into skin and hair; additionally, they are responsible for maintaining the hydro-lipid barrier of skin and keeping the adequate level of hydration
  • lecithin – an emulsifier, the source of phospholipids; it protects against transepidermal water loss
  • vitamin A – it significantly rejuvenates skin; when used regularly, it reduces visibility of wrinkles and delays aging processes
  • vitamin E – called the vitamin of youth the lack of which results in excessive hair loss and hair bulb weakening; counteracts fast wrinkle appearance and loss of suppleness
  • vitamin D – positively influences hair and skin condition; there is a lot of vitamin D in almond oil therefore it has an impact on the life cycle of hair by initiating anagen phase (hair growth phase)
  • vitamin B – is responsible for maintaining the proper hair growth process, fortifies its shaft
  • iron – influences skin self-regenerating processes
  • magnesium – supports epidermal regeneration, protects it against damage
  • calcium – regenerates epidermis, takes part in hair growth process
  • phosphor – regulates level of sebum in skin, is responsible for balanced pH
  • potassium – its shortage weakens hair bulbs and leads to hair thinning
  • sodium – boosts skin suppleness and rejuvenates it, moisturizes
  • zinc – affects hair growth and supports protein synthesis, preserves youthful look of skin

What are the benefits of using almond oil?

  • it’s lightweight, easy to apply, fast to absorb
  • doesn’t overburden skin or hair
  • restores shine and adequate hydration to skin
  • regenerates skin and reduces wrinkles
  • removes dead epidermal cells and balances sebum production
  • relieves irritations, heals and soothes skin
  • delays skin ageing
  • perfectly suitable to treat dehydrated and irritated skin
  • regenerates hair, leaves it shiny, tamed and accelerates its growth

Pure nanoil almond oil

How to apply Nanoil Almond Oil?

  • in its pure form: directly to face, hair and nails
  • as an additive to beauty products (masks and scrubs, balms, hair conditioners, hand and foot creams)
  • as a carrier oil for creating blends with essential oils
  • directly to body as a nourishing body balm applied after bathing/showering
  • for anti-cellulite and body slimming massage
  • to bath (body, hands, feet)
  • for hair oil treatment, as a hair mask, a hair mist, a heat protection agent, a hair end serum
  • as an alternative to shaving cream or post hair removal cream
  • as an eye cream
  • combined with other oils, for example, to carry out OCM
  • as a nail and cuticle conditioner (foot and hand)
  • as an oil to condition beard and mustache

Nanoil Almond Oil – Reviews and Mark

It’s the most eagerly used, the most frequently chosen almond oil that receives positive feedback and is praised for its quality and incredible effects delivered to hair and skin. The oil serves both the young and mature, can be applied to every single inch of skin and hair. Also, it can be used alone or combined with other cosmetics. Versatile, gentle and pleasant to use – this is the high class Almond Oil by Nanoil. We believe that your skin will love it.